Smart glass is a type of transparent glass that allows for a wide range of control over the transparency of its surface. This means that smart glass can be used to create dynamic spaces and improve experiences in public spaces. 

You might have come across smart glass if you’ve ever walked through a building with double-glazed windows or seen one of those cars that automatically turn off their headlights when they see someone walking towards them at night. 

However, this technology has many other uses than just standard home improvement applications. In this article, we’ll explore the possibilities of Smart Glass For Public Spaces.

Smart glass for a Smart city

The city of the future is a smart one. The concept of a “smart city” refers to municipal governments that use technology and data to improve the lives of their residents through better, improved life quality.

Smart glass is an excellent example of how this can be achieved. The smart glass allows you to control your environment and create a more productive and enjoyable experience for yourself and others around you. A smart glass system can reduce energy costs by up to 32% compared with traditional single-pane windows. They improve indoor air quality by eliminating outside noise pollution and increasing natural light inside. How much does switchable privacy glass cost? The estimated answer would be $130 USD per square foot.

Smart glass in a school

Smart glass can be used to create a more interactive learning environment. By displaying information about the school, students will feel more connected with their surroundings and better understand their place in the world. Smart glass is a fantastic technology that allows users to control light through touch and voice commands. 

So imagine a school with “smart glass” where students no longer need to open their blinds to see the time of day. Students can instruct their smart boards to display things like weather, news and sports updates, and all relevant information from the web.

Improve the experience of public space

If you want to improve your public experience, switchable privacy glass for public spaces can help. This type of transparent glass allows light to pass through, making it ideal for providing clear views from one side of a building to another without compromising security or privacy. Transparent smart glass can also be used as an energy-efficient way of keeping buildings cool in summer and warm in winter.

Additionally, transparent smart windows have been shown to improve air quality by filtering out harmful UV rays from direct sunlight before they reach indoor spaces–a win-win for people who want unobstructed views and safe environments!

Smart glass can be used to create dynamic spaces

It is a revolutionary new technology that can change how you experience public spaces. With smart glass, you can create dynamic, interactive and multi-purpose spaces with lighting effects. It can also create multi-sensory environments incorporating audio, visual and tactile stimuli.

With smart glass, your business can showcase its best assets in a way that will appeal to all senses of customers.

Smart glass for Grocery stores

Smart glass windows are a great choice if you want to upgrade your store’s façade. These windows provide various benefits, such as energy efficiency and easy maintenance. With various customisation options, smart glass windows are the perfect addition to your grocery store. This type of window allows you to design them however you want. You can choose from different colours and designs to match the rest of your store’s interior design. This means they will look great from the outside and make your store stand out.

You can also use additional Audio Visual solutions for your advertisements or promotions for special sales events that will help increase revenue for your business. If you decide to do this, make sure that everything is visible through them so that customers don’t have any trouble seeing what is happening inside their store.

Smart glass in airports and malls

It can be used to create dynamic spaces and is especially useful for airports and malls. This technology allows you to control the amount of light that comes through a window, which makes it easier for security officials to identify people entering or leaving an area.

The next time you’re at an airport or mall, look closely at the windows around you–you’ll probably notice some smart glass!

Variety of purposes

Discover a greener and smarter way to revolutionise your public spaces with the latest glass solutions. Today, smart glass is being used innovatively because of easy smart glass installation and many other features to enhance connectivity and safety while improving indoor air quality and creating more vibrant environments.

Smart glass can be used to create more natural light and reduce the need for electric lighting in offices and parking garages or to create privacy partitions that change colour to provide a calming environment for healthcare settings. It can also help control heat gain through windows by altering their opacity based on the local climate. So to say smart glass can be used for various purposes in public spaces– is fair. The variety of purposes is virtually unlimited.

These examples show how smart glass can be used for a variety of purposes in public spaces.


From coffee shops to airports, public spaces worldwide has seen a huge rise in the use of smart glass windows. As this new type of technology becomes more commonplace, designers will continually find new ways to apply it.

These are just a few exciting ways this technology will be used shortly. In the meantime, we will watch to see what other projects come from it. If you’re a designer who plans to incorporate this technology into your work, you will feel more prepared now that you’ve read our article! It’s an exciting technology, and we can’t wait to see what other projects will come from it! Visit AV Discovery for more information.


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