It may seem like a maze if you are unaccustomed to a workspace or office. Finding the correct way or the right department can be challenging when going to a workspace for the first time.

You may ask around people along the way and enquire about the directions to an individual’s office or department. However, this is now a thing of the past. In modern workplaces, wayfinding technology is installed so whoever steps into the office building can easily find their way.

While traditional signage may do the job well but due to the dynamic nature of the workplace, there is a need to constantly change the directions of the places. For example, if the Sales presentation is in the meeting room on the 2nd floor today, there is no guarantee that it will be held at the same place next week; it might shift to another meeting room. Besides, the open working space concept and hot desking has made it challenging to locate the people in the office building.

Therefore, installing digital signage is the best way to deal with such situations as the information can be changed conveniently. If a particular department has moved to a different floor, you can easily change the digital signage. There is no need to call a skilled person to drill new signage to the wall.

Digital and smart glass technology companies like AV Discovery provides the best plug-and-play digital signage solutions. Moreover, this company’s digital directory signs and software enable users to change the display as per their requirements easily. The built-in software allows the user to implement the changes on signage as per the requirement.

If you are still sceptical about installing digital signage, read on for some amazing benefits of having digital signage in the office.

Benefits Of Installing Digital Signage

Easy Navigation

Digital signage simplifies navigation for the visitors as they can quickly figure out the directions themselves rather than asking around. You can strategically place the digital signage in the lobby, common lounge or every junction to further ease the visitor in locating the department.

Dynamic Content Formats

If you go for the traditional signage display, you will be stuck with the same print and format for quite a long time since changing the design is a costly and lengthy affair. Furthermore, traditional signage methods can display only one type of information, whereas modern digital signage can display various content, including images and videos.

You can display the company profile and its achievements on digital signage. Moreover, you can run a slideshow of social media pictures of the firms, upcoming events, praising employee of the month and many other animations. These details make the digital signage more interesting.

Schedule Content

Many times in the corporate world, it is required to display particular information for a department. Let’s take an example of an office cafeteria, where digital signage shows the breakfast menu in the morning and the lunch menu in the afternoon. You don’t have to go through the hassle of manually rubbing the slate and writing the menu; just schedule content on digital signage and update it in the software with a single tap.

Saves Staff Time

When people enter the office building, they often walk to the reception to ask for directions. This may keep the reception staff distracted from their work all day. A wayfinding kiosk can save employees time by guiding people. New visitors can view the digital directory to find the correct floor themselves so the staff can focus on their work.

Wider Reach

Although traditional signages are more common and affordable but digital signages are immersive and more engaging. People may miss out on the important information displayed on the conventional signboard; however, no visitor can pass by the digital signage without noticing it.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to install digital signage to stay ahead in the corporate world and improve workflow efficiency. A wayfinding solution can conveniently display the required information on the screen that may assist visitors as well as the employees of the company.

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