Smart Glass Solutions

A unique, innovative technology, Chiefway Smart Glass is the best alternative to blinds & privacy glass. Using just a simple electrical switch between the various states the Smart Glass technology has to offer — frosted smart glass windows, transparent panel, blinds pattern and coloured blinds and more. Choose from Standard Smart Glass, Hollow Smart Glass, Brilliant Colour Smart Glass, Fire Proof Smart Glass, One-Way Smart Glass, Blinds Smart Glass and Pattern Blinds Smart Glass, and start transforming your space with this PLDC glass like never before.

Smart Film Solutions

Chiefway Smart Film is a switchable smart film technology based on polymer dispersed liquid crystal material, otherwise known as PLDC film. Witness the amazing transformation as you watch the smart film glass turn from a transparent state into an opaque screen with just one flick at minimal power consumption. Whether for home, office, medical facilities or commercial buildings, let our smart film solutions revolutionise your space with its multiple applications, from S-Film and S-Window to S-Window Touch and S-Mirror.

Video-wall Display System

Smart Film & Smart Glass


Interactive MultiTouch Display Solution

KIOSK/Digital Signage Solution

Creative Content Development

Transparent LED System

Audio Visual Solution

LED-Wall Display System

Floor LED Display