Whiteboards have been a staple of businesses for decades, but they’re not the only whiteboard option. From whiteboard vs glassboard to glass board vs smart glass board, there are plenty of options to choose from when upgrading your office space. Before you break your wallet, let’s look at some of the main differences between these three paperless writing surfaces to find the one that will work best for your business.

What is a Glass Whiteboard?

As the name suggests, glass whiteboards are made of glass with a porcelain surface, making them durable and easy to clean. A transparent glass whiteboard is easy to install, move, and use. If you have multiple people using the same board at different times or places, it’s easy to just roll up your glass whiteboard when you’re done with it. That way, you can use it again in another room or at another time without needing to pick up any special equipment or cleaning supplies between uses. Another perk of glass whiteboards is that they can be used outside if necessary!
You can even erase on a glass whiteboard—just rub your finger across the surface until all your writing is gone.

Traditional Whiteboard vs Glass Whiteboard

Traditional whiteboards are the most common type of whiteboard. They’re made of a painted surface that can be erased with a dry cloth and come in various materials, such as wood or metal. The paint used has been available for years, which means it’s not as durable as glass whiteboards.


It’s important to consider the durability of your whiteboard for business use. Tempered glass is incredibly hard and won’t crack like traditional plastic or polystyrene boards. A tempered glass whiteboard can withstand constant handling, repeated erasure, and even high impact from sliding objects across it. It’s perfectly designed to last several years, so you can spend more time on the job and less time replacing your board.


Glass whiteboards are more functional than traditional ones. They are equipped with push-button switchable smart glass that lets you control natural and artificial light refraction on the board, giving you more visibility even under direct sunlight. Plus, you can use a glass whiteboard as a projector screen in business or learning settings. It provides a clear, stable image whether you’re playing a video or making a presentation. You can refract a clear image while playing a video or making a presentation.

Environmental Impact

Traditional whiteboards are made of melamine and acrylic, which can efficiently emit harmful gasses and get damaged. Thus, they compromise the indoor air quality. On the contrary, glass whiteboards will protect you from these risks. Glass whiteboards reflect infrared and ultraviolet rays to reduce energy waste. Even if you use a smart glass whiteboard with wires, metal sheets, and LED screens, energy consumption will be very low compared to traditional whiteboards. Moreover, glass whiteboards are 100% recyclable, so your next glass whiteboard will have elements from thousands of glass materials!

Smart glass Whiteboard

Smart glass whiteboards are a relatively new technology that’s making waves in the whiteboarding industry. These boards give you all of the benefits of traditional whiteboards but with some added bonuses.
In addition to being more durable than traditional whiteboards (and therefore able to withstand wear and tear), smart glass can be used for video conferencing and digital signage. The makers of smart glass have also made it easy for anyone with basic computer skills to set up their own interactive whiteboard Malaysia touchscreen displays.

The many advantages of Smart Glass Whiteboard

Smart glass Whiteboards have many advantages over traditional whiteboards.
They’re easy to use and can be used anywhere, which makes them ideal for anyone who works remotely or wants to enjoy the flexibility of working from home. Plus, you won’t have to worry about damaging your smart Whiteboard as you do with a traditional one since they’re made from durable, scratch-resistant materials.


A tempered glass whiteboard is a multipurpose tool. You can use it to stay on top of your chores, plan meals, or boost productivity at work. The magnets are strong enough to move them around without falling off during use.

Customizable View

We couldn’t be more excited about smart glass for the home. Smart glass for walls can be a statement piece in any room, or you can use it to decorate your wall to make it feel warm. You can get the perfect size to cover your wall, engineering, and creativity with how you mount your glass whiteboard. You can use it as a kitchen window or partition for your dining side. Hardware pieces can help install it a few inches off the wall or flat for an even subtler effect. Then, you can display your favourite photos or prints unique to you, like glass whiteboards for the office built into a partition or window that can display your company’s logo or make a statement.

Energy Efficient

Smart Glass is an innovative whiteboard that utilises the unique Smart Film technology, which allows it to open and close like a smart window. This technology allows for control over the sun, heat and light—which means less energy usage for you. The smart glass opens, closes, adjusts opacity and extends functionality beyond traditional boards. It is energy efficient, economical and sustainable

Space Saving

Smart board Malaysia is a new architecture that can help you create a highly personalised and professional workspace. Employees will have the privacy they need while remaining productive, able to write on walls whenever needed, collaborate with their peers during meetings and track important objectives to stay on top of the latest industry trends.

Final Thoughts

If you want to take digital collaboration beyond the conference room, there’s a wide range of options for you. But if you’re looking for a great way to augment your meetings, the Smart Glass Whiteboard from AV Discovery might be the perfect option. It’s reliable, dependable, and offers all of the features you need to boost your meeting’s efficiency. The best part? Today, you can reach out to learn more about this smart glass whiteboard and other options.


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