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Remaco Simulation Screen

Highest quality projection screens with the most comprehensive range of products from LED Screen, simulation screen, projector. Remaco being named as the leading screen manufacturer, We carried the norm in hope of contributing unwavering success to Remaco.

Cylindrical Screen 360ᵒ

Remaco design and construct a large cylindrical screen for a marine simulation project. Measuring 16m in diameter by 8.3m in height, this screen is one of the largest of its kind in this region. In the middle of the cylindrical screen, sits a fully equipped cockpit of a ship. It has a full 360 deg view of the screen. Images on the screen are projected by more than 20 high power projectors surrounding the cockpit in two levels. This state of the art simulation facility is used for navigation training of marine crews. The major requirements are precision, good surface finishing and robust. The surface is vanished with the highest level of finishing for projection purpose. Our engineers had completed the project with full satisfaction of the customer.

Curve Screen

Over the years, Remaco had built numerous curve screens for various applications. Whether they are front projection or rear projection, fabric or rigid hard surface, small or large, we have the solution. A large curve screen is normally used with multiple projectors although a single projector can also be used with a smaller curve screen. When multiple projectors are used, the image of each projector must be blended together seamlessly through a built-in or third party soft edge blender creating a single large image. As the image is formed by using multiple projectors, the resolution will remain high as each projector is projecting on only a portion of the screen.

Bowl Screen (Semi Dome)

Remaco Bowl (Semi Dome) Screen is one that curves like a bowl, or like a dome with the top cut off. Mechanical precision of such a screen is very critical, as the surface needs to be smoothly constructed for projection purpose. Prior to the construction of the screen, our engineer designed the structure based of dimension given with CAD software. All the mechanical parts are bent according to the drawing. Once the mechanical structures are completed, surface of the screens is applied to it, forming a bowl-shaped surface. Surface is treated and polished to achieve total smoothness before finally applied with optical paint.

3-Sided Front and Rear Projection

3-sided cave screens can be used for 3-D simulation or wide angle viewing. Each side of the screen is joined together with a seam that is almost invisible, creating a single wide image. Three projectors are used with their images blended seamlessly together.  Such screen can be built for front or rear projection.

4-Sided Front and Rear Projection

A 4-sided screen consists of 3-sides at 90 degree to each other and the forth side which is either on the floor or the roof of the cave. Each side is joined without any noticeable border. This is important to create a seamless projected image without break in between creating simulate a real live-like surrounding. For example, it can simulate the internal layout and design of a building before it is built. In another example, for sports like tennis where the tennis court as well as the surrounding stand with full spectators can be simulated.

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How may we assist you?

Get better results by upgrading today!