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CHIEFWAY Adhesive Transparent LED Film

Globally Unique Bare Wafer Technology; The adhesive led screen boasts lightness, thinness, and transparency. It is bendable and clipping. It can be directly stuck to the glass curtain walls without affecting the original structure of the architectures and indoor daylight. The LED Film screen is perfectly integrated into the glass when seen from a distance.


  • Super-light, Ultra-thin, Highly-transparent
  • Simple and beautiful adhesive transparent appearance, to enhance the level
  • Clipping and bendable, to suit the arc structure
  • No components on the LED display screen, hidden power supply, safe and reliable
  • Waterproof, fireproof, anti-collision, not fear for outside disturbance
  • The principle of pinpoint heat dissipation, strong heat dissipation, no thermal accumulation, long working life
  • Clean playing images, to save 30% energy
  • Static drive, high refreshing, high brightness
  • Easy installation without damaging the original structure of the architecture
  • Quick operation and remote control

This  Adhesive Transparent LED Film help to eliminates the traditional issues such as:

  • Heavyweight, complex structure and installation difficulty
  • Bad and strange appearance
  • Black screen without transparency and view obstruction

Internal View


Category Adhesive LED Film Conventional LED Screen
Weight ≤3.5 kg/m² 20~30 kg/m²
Thickness ≤3 mm Cabinet thickness: 150~250 mm
Light Transmission 60% to 90% light transmission in any direction Not transparent, black in all
Installation Easy installation structure Complex installation structure
Flexible & Clipping Bendable and clipping Unable to clip and bend
Progressiveness of Technology Bare wafer technology Traditional led technology
Drive Mode Static drive Dynamic drive
Heat Dissipation Principle of pinpoint heat dissipation, strong heat dissipation, long working life Traditional technology of heat dissipation
Structural Installation Not changing the original building structure Changing the original building structure
Maintenance Remove and replace in one minute Difficult to change modules, high cost
Cost of External Structure Low cost of structure High cost of structure
Destructiveness Resistance to fall, crack, collision and pollution no resistance to fall, crack, collision and pollution
Failure Rate Less connectors, low failure rate More connectors,easy short circuit, more failure
Energy Saving Save 20% to 40% energy than conventional screen, less power consumption Not energy-saving
Production Environment 1000-level and 10000-level purification workshop General workshop
Daily Maintenance The dust can be wiped and swept Easy to accumulate dust
Waterproof & Fireproof Waterproof and fireproof on both sides Not waterproof and moisture-proof
Working Life More than 8 years 3 to 6 years


LED Film Size (mm)480×256481X208480×320480×192480×320
 Pixel Density (Pixel/m2)31250236701000039062500 
 Weight (Kg/m2)≤3.5≤3.5≤3.5≤3.5≤3.5 
 Thickness (mm)≤3≤3≤3≤3≤3 
 Pixel Pitch (mm)4X86.5X6.510X1016X1620X20 
 Brightness (cd/m2)≤5000≤5000≤5000≤5000≤4500 
 Pixel Configuration1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B 
 Refresh Frequency (Hz)≥1920≥1920≥1920≥1920≥1920 
 Average Power Consumption (w/m2)≤320≤320≤230≤210≤210 
 Maximum Power Consumption (w/m2)≤950≤950≤700≤650≤650 
 Operation Temperature (˚C)-20˚C-55˚C-20˚C-55˚C-20˚C-55˚C-20˚C-55˚C-20˚C-55˚C 
 Operation Humidity (RH)10%-90%10%-90%10%-90%10%-90%10%-90% 
 Control SystemNovaNovaNovaNovaNova 

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How may we assist you?

Get better results by upgrading today!